Welcome to “Gill on the Hill”

Greetings, friends, from the Sequoia National Forest! Here you will find feeds to all of the wonderful things we do living in the middle of nowhere. It may be shocking, in fact, how much fun you can have hiking "The Lost Road" and getting your own "scary lone hiker portrait." That's what folks do when they don't have television service, broad band Internet, movie theaters, or even a grocery store to speak of. What we lack in modernity we make up for in charm. Surely you already knew that.

In any case, you'll find links to all of the madness here, be it from Frederick's homeschool blog, the Rebuild blog on depression and food nutrients, or the posts dedicated to our historic brothel designed by famous San Diego architect Irving Gill. Gill's ghost may be alive on that lost road, haunting us over the damage done to his house in the last hundred years. We'll see if we find him.

The posts on this site date back to 2005 and are a motley assortment. The search function may be your best bet if you are looking for something specific. Here are some categories of interest as well: