Brothel Photo Authenticity

Within hours of release of the first pictures from the Gill On The Hill Brothel Photo Archive, the Gill On The Hill website has received many questions about the authenticity of the photographs.

It is coincidental indeed that people resembling current day politicians such as Andrew Weiner, down to the smallest (and medium-sized) details, actually frequented this Sequoia National Forest brothel in the 1920s. It seems almost too coincidental.

“The fact is that there are men like Anthony Weiner born every minute,” offers home owner Amanda Rose. “One such man happened to frequent the brothel in the 1920s. We uncover more of his photos every day.”

Some critics have suggested that the brothel photo archive is just a cheap gag, much like the many cheap gags on Fiverr

Rose reacted: “If there is one thing this house has never been, it is cheap. From the brothel in the 1920s to the marijuana growing in the 1970s, it has always operated its lewd and illegal activities with a great deal of class.”